Alarm Systems

Australia’s Largest Supplier Of Custom- Made Alarm Systems For Poultry Farming

We have delivered alarm systems to farms of all sizes across Australia and beyond.

Our industry experience and knowledge can help growers of all sizes keep their operation safe and secure.

Each site or project has its own specific requirement and this is particularly common when we upgrade existing facilities.

Some of the problems we see are:

  • Not enough cables in the ground to wire the alarms
    • We can use existing wired cabling to talk over 2, 4 or 6 wires on a network and this way we can carry large amounts of information on very few wires. Each shed or location will have a network address which allows us to receive detailed alarms from each location.
  • Incorrectly sized cables to do the job
    • This is where we can use industrial wireless technology in lieu of cabling where necessary.
  • Poor mobile reception
    • By Selecting the right network provider, or selecting a GSM module that utilises multiple providers we can generally get a good signal. Where we can’t get a good GSM signal we can use a paging type system on a separate frequency.
  • Inactive Landline
    • Our experience tells us that the copper networks are no longer stable due to the introduction of the NBN network. We can migrate your existing service VOIP or internet dialling.
  • Hard to program phone numbers into system
    • Because we know that people change and so do numbers, our systems utilise simple easy to use technology that is easy to use or remotely programmable by our service department.
  • Complex to troubleshoot
    • We have experienced first-hand, the time and expense of a poorly designed alarm system, and the frustrated electrician that has to work it out. Not to mention the bill at the end. It costs everyone time and money or both.
    • Our alarm systems are designed with this in mind, and we are on hand to assist 24/7

If you need help with your alarm system, or want to discuss your next project, Give us a call.

Simple, easy to use alarm systems that work when you need them.

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