Field Control Cabinets

Innovation, Automation and Control

VES Electrical Solutions are industry leaders in providing turn-key solutions to various industries nationwide. From design phase through to manufacture, installation and commissioning, whatever the application VES Electrical Solutions have the technical expertise and industry experience to make your next project a success.


Our team of specialist electrical and electronics engineers are experts in the design and development of field control panels for a wide variety of applications across industries such as:

  • Agriculture and Poultry
  • Water treatment
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automation
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

With a range of products developed specifically for the poultry industry:

  • Range door control Panels
  • Winch control panels
  • Tunnel Fan Cabinets
  • Stirring Fan Cabinets
  • Generator Changeover Panels
  • Pumping Station Cabinets
  • Tunnel Shutter and Curtain Control Panels

All of our panels can be custom built to suit your exacting requirements, with a range of options from full automation and touchscreen, through to manual operation and basic control.

Working together to create a more efficient and sustainable future.

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