Incandescent, Fluorescent or LED

Incandescent, Fluorescent or LED lighting applications for intensive farming operations typically require the use of a specialist dimmer, one that will perform well under various conditions.

Lighting Dimmers

Lighting conditions can include:

  • High Humidity
  • Dry Dusty Conditions
  • High Current Draw Applications
  • Very Low Lighting Levels
  • Very High Lighting Levels
  • Poor Power Factor
  • Continual Use Over Many Years

VES Electrical Solutions have spent many years researching and trialling many types of dimmers available on the market, in a multitude of applications and believe that a dimmer must perform well in all of the above criteria, and a whole host of other criteria which is generally not physically detected but exists in electrical form.


Our Fluorescent light dimmers provide smooth dimming from 0–100% light intensity, and can be manually operated or integrated with your automation package, including sunrise and sunset features.


Our tried and tested dimmers for applications where incandescent lighting is present, have been in use at farms for more than 20 years and still performing day after day. With options for Sunrise / Sunset and complete control via your Automation package our dimmers will be fit for purpose whatever the conditions.


LED light fittings are being introduced to the market at a rapid rate however each manufacturer’s LED operates and reacts differently to dimming, and not all dimmers will function correctly with each type of LED. The knowledge base for this type of technology is evolving through trial and error, and many costly mistakes are being made through negligence and a misunderstanding of a products capability.

VES Electrical Solutions is currently working towards providing a dimming unit that will conform to all of the above criteria and more.

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