Nabel 40k P/H Egg Packer

Process Control

Delivering a state of the art facility is no easy task, it requires careful planning and a high level of attention to detail, coupled with energy and enthusiasm to deliver the best possible result.

When one of the Australia’s top egg producers engaged us to help them automate their egg collection, grading and packing process, we were more than happy to assist. Thankfully for us the owner of the facility shared a similar vision… produce the best possible eggs, with the least amount of faults in the shortest amount of time. In addition to this another mandate was to design and engineer the process so as to minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

Working alongside a team of technicians from Nabel Co, Ltd (Japan), VES Electrical Solutions was engaged to supply power and control wiring and switching for this high speed machine capable of collecting, grading and packing approx. 40,000 eggs per hour. Working within a tight timeframe the old production line was dismantled and removed from service, and the new conveyor, grading and packaging machine was installed in position, wired and commissioned within hours.

Overall the project was delivered in record time, and the new owner is now enjoying increased productivity with little or no downtime.

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