Power Factor Correction

Working to Reduce Consumption

When a well known Victorian poultry growing facility, required a solution for their increasing power consumption, VES Electrical Solutions were on hand to lend the right advice for the job.

With development works well underway an additional 2 sheds were being built beside the existing 8 sheds, resulting in an increase of approx. 130-140A per phase at peak load, enough to overload the main electricity supply transformer and cause a complete blackout.

Power Factor Correction

Upon investigation it was found that an upgrade to the supply transformer would cost several tens of thousands of dollars, however after consulting the farmer and the project team, normal operating and peak operating readings were taken in a number of varied ambient conditions and it was ascertained that a simple and relatively inexpensive power factor correction cabinet could reduce power consumption, save power and eliminate the need to upgrade the main transformer.

During the batch turnaround, when the sheds were empty, VES Electrical Solutions supplied, installed and commissioned a 90KVAR Power Factor Correction Unit. A Lovato DCRG8 3 stage PFC controller was integrated to control the staging of capacitors, and ensure a stable power factor reading of 0.98-1.0, resulting in a reduction in power of 70-80A per phase.

The end result of this project meant that the farmer and farm manager can now breathe easily when peak current draw in the summer months is at its greatest.

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