Proten Griffith x 48

Industry Benchmark

In 2012 VES Electrical Solutions were engaged to supply and deliver, high quality electrical cabinets for one of Australia’s largest contract poultry growers, Proten.


Working in collaboration with Patarker Pty Ltd, VES completed the manufacture and delivery of 48 x Main Control cabinets, 48 x Tunnel Fan Cabinets, and 48 x Winch Control Cabinets.

Completed over a 2 year period, 48 x tunnel ventilated poultry houses were designed and built to house some 13.6 million birds per annum, and represents the latest in technology and automation for the poultry growing industry both nationally and overseas.

VES is proud to have worked with Patarker and Proten to deliver a world class growing facility in record breaking time.

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