RSPCA Upgrade

Full Free-Range Operation

When a customer of ours decided to make the move towards providing higher welfare poultry products, our team was on hand and ready for the next big challenge. Some might say that lightly, but here at VES we treat every project big or small as if it were our own.


Our valued customer decided it was time to make a complete overhaul of their 4 shed farm and move away from production in an enclosed environment to a fully free-range operation. This way the birds are free to roam and forage as they like during daylight hours, and are safe and secure in the shed after dark.

Completed over a 2 month period the project included:

  • Wiring and control solutions to Automate the Range doors on each side of the sheds
  • Re-programming and commissioning of their Automation system
  • Adjustments to Ventilation and temperature control strategies
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting system
  • Integration of sunrise / sunset control feature
  • Wiring and control of automatic winching system for feeders and drinkers
  • Installation and commissioning of Prinzen 30,000 Eggs per hour packing machine
  • Wiring and control for automated Nesting system
  • 0-100% Variable speed egg collection belts

Overall the project has been completed, and the farmer is now enjoying increased production, fewer labour overheads and happy healthy hens.

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