Upgrade to Fancom F38

Improving Conditions

After many years and countless hours in service, our customer was ready to take the plunge and retire their old climate controller for a modern controller that could achieve better results with less input.

It was time for the Chore time Super Selector controller to be upgraded for something more user friendly, and after discussing expected outcomes with the farmer, it was clear that the Fancom F38 was the obvious choice for many reasons.

Completed over a 2 day period during the batch turnaround, the new Fancom Climate Computer was mounted on the control room wall, and integrated with a series of other field devices to achieve the Fancom (MTT) concept, Minimum Transitional Tunnel. This principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation.

In addition to installing the controller, we also completed the following:

  • Installation of 4 x temperature probes
  • Installation of 1 x RH (humidity) probe
  • Wiring of feedback pot for shutter motors
  • Installation of new mini vent winches
  • Installation of speed controller for 2 x end wall fans
  • Wiring of new water meter to track water consumption
  • Integration of phase failure / water pressure / fan fault / feeder fault indication

Currently in operation, the new system is achieving a more even spread of temperature throughout the house, increased energy efficiency when fans are not working harder than required, and better floor conditions for the birds since humidity control has been introduced.

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