Programmed Maintenance

Keep Equipment Running More Efficiently

You’ve made a significant investment in your facility and expect it to run at peak performance for as long as possible. VES Electrical Solutions programmed maintenance service addresses your equipment — electrical, climate controls, physical plant — on an ongoing basis, helping reduce energy and replacement costs.

  • Minimise breakdowns and costly emergency repairs,
  • Reduce business disruptions and downtime,
  • Increase energy and operational efficiency,
  • Demonstrate proof of compliance for certain equipment codes and industry regulations,
  • Promote a safe, secure and optimal growing environment,
  • Extend the Life Cycle of your physical plant and control system.

You’ve invested in an automation system to keep your facility running efficiently. But without ongoing maintenance and updates, your system can become obsolete, compromising performance and reliability.

Programmed Maintenance

With VES Electrical Solutions maintenance plan, we can perform scheduled system and software updates, component replacement and repair, preventative maintenance and emergency service.

· Evaluation of current applications programs

  • Improvements in System Applications
  • Software Upgrades
  • Diagnostic and Preventative Maintenance on Hardware Components
  • Repairs and Replacements for Worn or Failed Components
  • 24-hour Emergency Service

VES Electrical Solutions – Keeping your facility up to date and efficient.

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